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Regia Anglorum was both delighted and honoured to have a starring role in the BUPA Great North Run Millionth Runner Ceremony on Thursday night - 4th Sept. Here we are in one of our seven period ship replicas, 20 members of Regia acting their socks off in the middle of the River Tyne at Newcastle.

Regia Anglorum - celebrating 25 years of re-enactment Regia Anglorum - Engaging with the public!


A thousand years ago, people like you and me lived, loved and died here in the Islands of Britain. Their lives are far away in time, separated from us by thirty generations. Yet they were very like us, just as cheerful, just as sad, just as generous, just as mean- spirited, just as skilled and just as fumble-fingered as we are today.

It is a mistake to think that because they had no television or computers that they were one whit less intelligent than we who live where they lived. Their names have come down to us in the tell of the years and from the time of Alfred the Great to the reign of Richard the Lionheart and we do our best to present a living image of the Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Welsh and Norman people in our period of interest. We are anglers, aristocrats and archers; riders, sailors, shipwrights and tanners, warriors, weavers and woodcarvers. You can live like a lord or peasant, fight in the shield wall with your shoulder companion in Regia you can do all of these things and so much more beside. We especially welcome families with children where all will find people of their own age to talk to.

For over a quarter of a century, Regia Anglorum has been re-creating history for audiences around the world. We have skilled, properly equipped and highly motivated men and women of all ages who bring the dull and dead past back to brilliant life, celebrating the very best of life in the round a thousand years ago! We have owner-riders who with other riders form the renowned equine team, the Conroi of Regia Anglorum. We have seven full-scale ship replicas and are planning another. We have a secluded permanent site. The best re-enactment society in the world - probably...

The event organiser can breath a sigh of relief having found just the very people they need to celebrate a charter or bring new life to a long running festival. We present a rounded family-orientated product complete with music and narrative, action and living history.

Here the film maker will find an experienced, disciplined professional one-stop shop that has everything they need including ships and a permanent period location. Teachers the very thing they need to give depth to their lesson plan. Historians will find the path they are treading has been trodden before.

We feel that we are about history FIRST and maintain a wide range of articles on just about every subject there is. Academics will find physical, practical reconstructions of archaeological finds.

Do we sound interesting? Come in and look around.



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