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Regia Anglorum - Members' Library

This section of the site contains a collection of documents useful for members whether they be policy documents, parts of the online handbook, or any of the occasional information pages we provided.

Policy documents

We publish a number of documents governing how the society runs, and how we operate at events:

Wychurst Documents.

Miscellaneous Documents


Some of these files are rather large, and take a reasonable time to download. They should open up in a new browser window. They are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format; and if you need the reader then, you can download it from Adobe's web site.

Online Handbook

The new Members' Handbook is currently a work in progress. Sections will be made available as they are published.

Useful references

These are specific documents that relate to living history and re-enactment issues, that do not fit in other categories:


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